Dev Blog #1

Battle Field of Honor - Siege Rework

Posted by [PM]Lyn - 9:10PM 07/10/21

Greetings Adventurers!
Today we would like to introduce you to our new Player Vs Player Game mode which will replace siege on all Black Desert World Servers.

The Shadows of Valencia have been conspiring with the Katan Military, they have created a device to collect the energy of the Adventurer's Black Spirit. Hidden away on Lema Island the Alliance have set up a brand new Battlefield,《Battlefield Of Honor》which pits two teams of 20 adventurers against each other!

Obtaining Honor Points

Here Adventurers will be able to collect a new Currency called Honor Points, which can be spent to purchase new Unique Gear Infuions, Crafting Materials, Boosters and Enhancement Materials!

Honor Points Earning Chart

Action Honor Points
Player Kill 10HP
Base Destroy (Self) 200HP
Base Destroy (Team) 100HP
Kritzcheck Kill (Self) 300HP
Kritczcehk Kill (Team) 100HP

The Kritczcehk

At the half way point of the fight 《Kritczcehk》 will spawn, the team to succesfully kill the beast will be rewarded with a point bonus and all of their skill cool downs reset, in addition the person to deal the killing attack will gain bonus HP for themself!

Victory Conditions

The Winning team will be decided by two possible outcomes:
1) The Opposite team's Tower is destroyed.
2) The full 20 minute match is played out and the team with the highest health Tower is the victor.


With the addition of this new game mode we will introduce new ranking systems which reset on a weekly and seasonal basis, the ranking is split into the following categories: Total Guild Earned HP, Overall Solo HP Earned & Most personal HP earned on a specific Class